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Progressive Mold 


Progressive Mold

As Diver Die, we are experts in progressive moulds. The progressive die is a type of die consisting of multiple stations used in the metal forming process. It is widely used in industries such as automotive, white goods and electronics. Dalgıç Kalıp meets the needs of its customers with progressive molds that provide high precision and efficient production.
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High Precision: Progressive dies are used for metal forming processes that operate with high precision. These molds are designed to meet fine tolerances and allow parts to be precisely converted to the desired size and shape.

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Multi-Processing Capability: Progressive molds contain different operations performed one after the other in the same mold. Operations such as cutting, bending, punching and forming are carried out sequentially in the same mold. This makes it possible to manufacture complex parts on a single mold.

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Efficient Production: Progressive molds operate in an array of multiple stations. In this way, a different forming process is carried out at each station and the part is completed with a single mold movement. This efficient production process saves time and cost.

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Automation Compatibility: Progressive molds work in harmony with automation systems. These molds, which can be integrated with automatic feeding, ejection and mold movements, make production processes more efficient and minimize human intervention.

What is Progressive Mold and Its Importance in Industries

The progressive die is a type of die used in the metal forming process and consists of multiple stations. As Dalgıç Kalıp company, we specialize in progressive mold production and understand its importance in industries. In this article, we will discuss in detail what progressive molds are and their importance in industries such as automotive, white goods and electronics.

Progressive Mold Use in Automotive, White Goods and Electronics Industry

Progressive molds play an important role in the automotive, white goods and electronics industries. In the automotive industry, progressive dies are used in the manufacture of vehicle bodies, door panels, frames and other metal components. In the white goods sector, these molds are effectively used in the manufacture of products such as ovens, refrigerators, washing machines. Progressive molds are also important tools used in the manufacture of electronic components and devices in the electronics industry. The use of progressive dies in these industries ensures high quality and precision while increasing efficiency in production processes.

Progressive Mold Production and Technical Features

Plastic injection mold manufacturing is a method used for mass production of complex plastic parts. This process includes many technical features and steps and plays an important role in the automotive industry.

The first step is the design of the part and the mold design phase. The part must be designed using CAD/CAM software and then the mold design must be created. At this stage, the mold design is detailed by considering the geometry, tolerances and features of the part.

The next step is the selection of the appropriate plastic material. Plastics used in the automotive industry generally must have durable, heat and chemical resistant properties. The choice of plastic material should be made in accordance with the requirements and performance expectations of the part.

The mold manufacturing phase includes the production of mold parts. At this stage, the choice of mold steel is important. Mold steel must be able to withstand high temperatures, resist wear and have a long service life. Mold parts are processed and assembled using CNC machines.

In the production phase, the plastic material is melted and injected into the mold using an injection machine. Under high pressure, molten plastic is filled into the cavities of the mold and cooled. As a result, the desired plastic part is formed.

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