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DALGIÇ KALIP provides full-time support to its customers with its expert staff, working in 6 days and 3 shifts. It produces metal parts with 19 presses, pad printing, welding, tapping and screwing lines in its machine park. 
Although domestic and imported sheet metal is consumed in all standard and complex sheet groups such as DKP SAC, aluminum, stainless sheet, phosphor bronze, yellow brass, S series sheets, our average annual sheet consumption is 4,000 tons.
Our facility, which has IATF 16949 certificate, carries out its mass production in VDA 6.3 standards and is regularly audited by our customers and approved certification bodies. 
More than 90% of the molds in the mass production factory were produced by DALGIÇ KALIP, and all of our presses work automatically with solvent and drive systems.

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